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Level Eater Card Info

Name: Level Eater Passcode: 57421866
Attribute: Dark Edition: SOVR
Type: Insect/Effect
Attack: 600 Defense: 0
Level: 1 Rarity: Common

Level Eater Card Text

Card Text: If this card is in the Graveyard, you can activate its effect by selecting 1 face-up Level 5 or higher monster you control. Reduce that monsterÕs Level by 1. Special Summon this card from the Graveyard. This card cannot be Tributed except for a Tribute
Blank Yugioh TCG Card

Level Eater Card Prices (TCG Player)

Store Name Condition Stock Cost Add To Cart
Pauls Gamerzone Unlimited - Near Mint1 $0.10Add To Cart
The End Zone 1st Edition - Near Mint2 $0.12Add To Cart
The End Zone Unlimited - Near Mint6 $0.12Add To Cart
Berserker TCG Unlimited - Near Mint5 $0.15Add To Cart
GameTimeCC Unlimited - Near Mint2 $0.19Add To Cart
Catfish TCG Unlimited - Near Mint3 $0.23Add To Cart
Voltage Games 1st Edition - Near Mint2 $0.25Add To Cart
Hideaway Games Unlimited - Near Mint2 $0.25Add To Cart
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